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We at NVUC.com are a group of affiliated collectors focused on vintage original advertising items and similar collectibles. As for administration, Nitro runs the website and oversees all sales and customer issues. We've been in existence as a group since 1998 with Nitro as a charter member and founder of our commercial enterprises. We were recently asked by a local estate proprietor to consign a 300-piece lot of advertising collectibles and will announce that sale soon. Until that time (TBD) we will not be accepting additional items for consignment. But you may keep us in mind for your future collectible consignment needs.

Though all NVUC.com sale items are warehoused locally, we do not have a physical retail shop at this time and cannot presently accommodate in-person sales inquiries. If you would like to attend a local colletors' meeting, please contact us by email at info@nvuc.com or by phone at 224-444-0222 (text or voice). We'll be glad to hear from you.

Welcome! And thanks for your interest!

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Email: info@nvuc.com / Phone: 224-444-0222 (text or voice)