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Vintage antique 1940's figural die-cut embossed tin thermometer sign features ca. 1940 PROPELLER-FAN COMMERCIAL AIRLINER (predates jet airliner) for FERNDALE DAIRY, Cleveland OH.

Historical Notes: The provincial Cleveland, Ohio suburb area referred to in times past by town locals as "Clearwater" (ref. Cleveland's Balwin Reservoir - a clearwater underground reservoir completed in 1925) has since been fully redeveloped and the old Clearwater namesake is no longer in use. Note the 1940's era 4-digit Clearwater phone number. As for the aeronautical theme, it was known that Ferndale Dairy proprietorship had fostered an association with US WWII efforts and had thereby made a practice of integrating aircraft resembling American bomber planes into their promotional motifs.

Rezoning and development in Cleveland had been ongoing throughout the 1940's and Ferndale Dairy, having had its original address mapped to Ferndale Avenue, was compelled to switch its primary heading to the adjoining Rocky River Drive. Some time prior to the end of 1949, Ferndale Dairy real estate - originally a single strip of several hundred contiguous acres - was subdivided and sold off as multiple residential and commercial parcels. The entire geographical area has long since been regraded, reconfigured and remapped. The old dairy's street address location, as it had been situated historically, no longer exists.
This pre-owned item may show: scuffs, scratches, rubs, general wear & patina; evidence of age & prior commercial use/handling. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS
Dimensions (approx): 7" (H) x 4" (W)
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