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Very rare near-mint 1940's WWII era unopened KOOL CIGARETTES pack - a TWA (Trans World Airlines) in-flight give-away back when cigarette smoking was permitted on public airline flights. "AS WILLIE THE PENGUIN SAYS: At any moment Of your flight Refreshing KOOLS Will taste just right!"
This pre-owned item may show: minor or incidental wear; possible evidence of prior commercial use/handling. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS
Dimensions (approx): 4" (H) x 3" (W)
COLLECTIBLE TOBACCO SALE & PURCHASE: By the sale/purchase of this item, buyer and seller agree concurrently to the following terms: 1.) This is a collectible item and is being sold/purchased as such; 2.) The value of this item is the collectible packaging, not the tobacco itself; 3.) The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the tobacco in the package; 4.) While the package has never been opened, the tobacco inside is not for consumption; 5.) The collectible packaging is not currently available in stores; 6.) Buyer is at least 18 years of age; 7.) Both buyer and seller are in compliance with all applicable laws and shipping regulations for this transaction.
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